Orcs Must Die! – Prequel Comic

Orcs Must Die! - Prequel Comic - Download Now!


Written by David Leary and Justin Korthof
Art and Cover by Bart Tiongson, Colors by Aron Lusen

38 Pages  |  PDF Format


Ages ago, parties of brave – or stupid – explorers stepped through a magical rift to explore an untapped source of magic. What they found was a ravaged world, a destroyed landscape populated by drooling, bloodthirsty monsters. The magic wielders of the land formed the Order to protect their realm from invading beasts. But how long can the order hold back the merciless orc mob?

The digital comic includes the back story of the Orcs Must Die!™ universe as well as a special OMD!-inspired art gallery featuring work by Chris Moffitt, Nate Stefan, David Kubalak, Phil Wohr, Brad Crow, Bart Tiongson, Won Choi, Dax Gordine, Andrew Olson, Joe Vriens, Andy Cotnam, and Gene Kohler.